The IP-Observatory: now monitoring the Russian Presidential elections 2018

As the presidential elections get underway in Russia, the IP-Observatory will provide real-time monitoring of internet availability and latency in Russia over this important period.
Since 21 December 2017 we have been monitoring the number of online IPs and together with internet Latency at a 15min rate for 83 federal subjects of the Russian Federation.
Our latest web-platform, the IP-Observatory, presents a map of Russia and allows the user to select individual districts and view the development of latency and Internet connections over the observation period. The charts are updated several times an hour. In addition, users can compare the trends and deviations in connections and latency between two or more districts.
Screenshot of the ip-observatory
Figure: IP-observatory screenshot.
For example regions can be selected as targets or controls to compare between simply by clicking one or more times on the region. In the screenshot, Moscow and surrounding regions have been selected as control regions, with their connections (blue, dashed) and latency (yellow, dashed) observations being aggregated. Whilst Komi Republic region, north east of Moscow has been selected as the target for comparison (solid lines).
To enhance the usability of the large amount of information provided on the platform, we have provided a number of automatically tagged anomalous observations. An anomaly could have any range of underlying causes. The platform does not provide any insight on causes.
The outcomes of our monitoring are provided first and foremost to the Russian people, and additionally, to those in the international community who have an interest in the functioning and availability of the internet during times of political significance.
Our methodology is not designed to monitor the quality of access to specific websites, or specific traffic within Russia. We cannot make any observation on this aspect of Russian internet quality.

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